Why Join

The Mark Internet Lodge was Consecrated on 4th June 2016 at Mark Mason's Hall, St James' Street, London after a small group of interested Mark Mason's from the Mark Masonic Province of Monmouthshire , led by The Provincial Grand Master sought to discuss the idea with The Deputy Grand Secretary in London. All felt that the time was right for a step forward into the computer age.

Whilst It is early days for this exciting project we intend to push the boundaries of our administrative routines to assess how far technology can assist us in our everyday Lodge management.

So, Why Join The Mark Internet Lodge? Well, the lodge sets out to embrace 21st century technollogy and promote its wider use. In pursuit of these goals, the following points and information will come to the fore:

  1. We will promote appropriate structures for the means of electronic communication within Mark Masonry in general.
  2. Initially the lodge will meet twice a year … 1st Saturday in June and 1st Saturday in November
  3. It is intended that Installation meetings will be held in the Province of Monmouthshire, the second one, subject to dispensation, will generally be held across different Provinces and Districts.
  4. Other meetings may be held outside the UK also by dispensation
  5. Attendance booking, and payments are where possible all to be done via on-line systems
  6. We anticipate that Advancement ceremonies with multiple candidates will be worked.
  7. Meeting locations will be determined by the current Master
  8. Progressive appointment will be from Junior Warden to Master only
  9. The Junior Warden is to be elected by all members based on their plans for their year as Master e.g. where meetings to be held, etc.
  10. Access to the voting area within the Lodge website will be secure
  11. All payments to the Lodge will be via Internet Banking etc.
  12. The lodge will act in a similar manner to an Education and Training Lodge
  13. We will deal with various social media issues such as Email, Facebook, Twitter etc. which impact upon Mark Masonry
  14. The website currently under development will have a secure Extranet environment for storage of information
  15. Information is anticipated to include Video recordings of ritual elements.
  16. The website will provide a Lodge of Instruction function for those who are unable to attend any Masonic Centre
  17. Web streaming of Lodge of Instruction groups to those unable to be present is an aim
  18. Secure forum/chat facilities with multi language support available to members to enable general discussions
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