Welcome to the website of Mark Internet Lodge No. 1975

To fellow Masons:

It is our aim to promote the wider use of all means of electronic communications within the Mark Internet Lodge 1975 and to promote an appropriate structure for means of electronic communications in Mark Masonry.

It was first thought that the Lodge would meet twice a year to receive lectures, papers and presentations by keynote speakers. The meetings held by dispensation in different locations to allow the members of the Lodge to physically meet and build the Lodge spiritually and fraternally. Meetings to be held under different constitutions to allow this. It was anticipated that one additional meeting per year may have been added and may involve a meeting in a different region to promote the Order. Also, wherever possible, to advance brethren into the Order should they be suitably qualified.

In the very early stages it became clear that this lodge could help others to establish new Mark Lodges virtually anywhere. In fact during the first 2 full years the lodge has been involved in a project that has seen 201 Brethren from Romania, and a Brother from Portugal Advanced into our wonderful and friendly order. It is intended during the third year to Advance many more so that Romania will have sufficient brethren and lodges to establish a new District.

During this time we have had many join us as members and we have many members located around the world. The next project is yet to appear but we are ready and willing to Advance any Brother and pleased to accept any joining member who wants to join us in our travels both physically and via the various media.

A welcome from Worshipful Master,
W.Bro Razvan Ocos

For the visitors to this web site who are not Freemasons, we hope you are informed and inspired by the friendship and cameraderie of our order and are stimulated to make further enquiries.

Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow

The Mark Internet Lodge began the day of it’s consecration, 4th of June 2016 with 36 petitioners and ended it with 49 subcribing members. There has been tremendous initial interest with our founding members coming to us from all over the world, Brazil, Argentina, America, The Netherlands, Greece...even England!

Mark Masons who are members of the Mark Grand Lodge of England and Wales and Its Districts and Lodges Overseas, or any Grand Lodge that is recognized by and in accord with it, are welcome to become joining members. Information and the appropriate forms can be found on this site, please see the menu bars above.

If you are looking for information about Freemasonry in general, please visit the web site of the United Grand Lodge of England or that of the Library and Museum of Freemasonry.

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